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    Payment policies

    ayment by credit card and master card
    You can pay with a credit card during a 100% secure transaction online
    We at EQUIP guarantee that every transaction made by credit card is a strong bulwark

    Mada is the new identity for the Saudi Payment Network (SPAN) and the advanced generation of electronic payment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It connects all automated teller machines (ATM) and points of sale (POS) across the country with a central payment key that in turn redirects financial transactions between Merchant Bank and the card issuing bank. The system also allows for regional and global acceptance by communicating with other payment systems such as GCC Net, VISA, MasterCard and American Express to provide MADA card holders with wider acceptance domestically and abroad. Mada Card is a debit card issued by local banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that allows the cardholder to access the funds in his accounts. It works with the same mechanism as regular ATMS cards with the latest security standards and added value features.

    Paiement when recieving

    We are happy to give you complete convenience in choosing the method of payment upon receipt. You can choose this method before completing the order process, and the purchase and payment process will be final when you receive your order, but there are products that we ship from abroad from the source countries to receive you directly that may require the prepayment process