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    Terms of services for vendors

    Requirements to start selling on Dell of Sale

    Selling process on Dealofsell is very easy, here we will explain the main requirements that you should know:

    Fill out Dealofsell's seller form and provide us with the necessary documents
          Internet connection: nothing special here, all you have to do is connect to the internet to be able to manage your selling account.
          Seller Account (Free): This is obvious, as you must have a seller account in order to sell on Dealofsell.
          Products: You must have something to sell, right? Ensure that the merchandise is new, as we do not offer used merchandise on Dealofsell.
          Email activation: We ask you to verify your email address in order to start the process of listing your products and merchandise, and we will also send all your account information to the email.
          Shipping location: The shipping company will use the details and information of your location in order to transport your goods and deliver them to customers. Please note that you will have to activate your phone number in order to communicate with the shipping site.
          Identity and commercial license: We will request a commercial license and we will verify your identity for legal purposes, in relation to goods that fall under certain categories, in order to ensure that you are authorized to sell those goods in your country.
          Bank account: You must have a valid bank account, which will enable you to get money for the products you sold on Dealofsell where the sales revenue will go to your Dealofsell account, and you can then request to withdraw the available funds simply and transfer it to your bank account.
    That is all, you can refer to us simply if you have any questions or comments, by contacting the customer support team through 

    Tax liability to the seller
    VAT for Dealofsel sellers in Saudi Arabia

    About VAT on sales through Dealofsel
    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates decided to implement the value-added tax, starting January 1, 2018. Value-added tax. Added is a consumption tax imposed at each stage of the supply chain. Value-added tax will be imposed on many supplies of local goods and services at a rate of 5%. There is a specified number of goods and services that are subject to a value-added tax of 0%. There are also some goods and services tax-exempt.
    If you are registered with VAT in the Kingdom, you will have to apply a 5% value added tax on all shipping orders to customers in the Kingdom, unless those goods are subject to a zero rate. Specialized professional assistance if he is not sure of his tax obligations.

    Each Authorized Seller of Dealofsel is responsible for ascertaining their compliance with VAT or seeking professional professional assistance if they are not sure of their tax obligations.

    About VAT on sales to customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Under VAT legislation in the Kingdom, Dealofsel sellers will be required to collect VAT on orders for goods shipped within the Kingdom.
    For customers residing in the Kingdom, VAT will be applied according to local legislation. All prices announced on Dealofsel's web page will include the value of any applicable tax.

    VAT rates
    The applicable tax rate will vary depending on the destination and the nature of the goods delivered.
    VAT will be applied to many supplies of goods and services at the basic rate of 5% in the Kingdom, and in very limited cases some medical and educational goods and services will be subject to a value-added tax of 0%.

    Registration in the value-added tax in the Kingdom
    All companies, businesses or entities whose annual taxable supplies of goods and services in the Kingdom amount to SR 375,000 are obligated to register in the VAT system.
    It is your responsibility to ensure that no more than one application is filed for VAT registration. VAT registration is a stand alone procedure and you will be issued a tax registration number that is different from any other tax number you have obtained. This number should only be used for VAT business purposes.